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Ayumi by loriofpandora Ayumi by loriofpandora
Drawn for , my imouto-chan.

EDIT: Please full view. There is alot of detail in this.

"A few minutes later, she spoke up, hesitantly. “Regan?”


“I didn’t see the kimono. Didn’t you bring it?”

He turned to look at her. “No. You told me not to, remember?”

Her face paled, and for a moment, her eyes began to water. Her face hardened,
no doubt at some painful memory. “That’s right. I did, didn’t I?” she
said softly as she stood up to finish putting away her dresses."

--Excerpt from ~arcobyte's writing, the Blue Silk Kimono.
Read it here [link] . Now.

Copic Multiliners on 9"x14"vellum coated bristol paper.
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wit-knee-jones Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2005  Hobbyist
waaah. the design is amazing on the kimono. fabulous job.
gizm079 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2005
you trying to steal my crown hun?

afterall, i thought i was the person who did stupid amounts of black and white detail on my work. ;)

this is quite out of character for you hun, but is also very beautiful. the sketchiness of the lanterns and the huge amounts of detail on the kimono go realy well together hun, as does the pose and the layout too.

when i see this i wonder if i am seeing the start of a new, more detailed and far darker style for you. i can tell you have been sad lately hun, because i can see it reflected in this picture.

loriofpandora Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
There is no way I'd be able to steal your crown. Although when I finished it, in my head I thought "oh hoho! Gizzy has competition now! :evillaugh:" And then I remembered myself. :P It's just been a long time since I've drawn on paper, and I wanted to prove to myself that I could still do it. Obviously, I still need to work on it.

I don't know if I'm going to change my style all that much, but I do need to add a bit more traditional artwork to my portfolios, so you can maybe expect a little more of this sort of thing from me.

I had forgotten how much bending close to the paper makes my back ache ^^;

And I'm trying very hard to not be sad. I'm a firm believer in not moping. :3
tehphish Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2005  Professional General Artist
Hella sweet, I love the detail in it. Nice work on the pattern of the kimono ^_^
Only thing I find slightly off in the picture is the hatching on the lanterns/ball things.
loriofpandora Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
I agree. Damn the permanency of inks! :shakefist: I made a mistake on one of them, and since it was a gift for a friend, I couldn't just take corrector fluid to the mistakes and scan it. Alas. Thanks for the comment! :heart: when are you going to submit something non-ID-ish? :poke:
tehphish Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2005  Professional General Artist
Oh well I'm wor... hey look! what's that! *points at sky and runs away*
leondog Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2005
hirameki Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2005
wow, definitely love the kimono detail and the mood of the piece. good job on this :3 aww XD and the hanging moon, too!
SillyWildmage Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2005
Wow this is wonderful all the detail is beautiful! :clap: excelent job
Yeah i agree with the commenter before! Its deserves a fav!!! Its so nicely draw and has many details! which are 2 things too look at in the drawing i love it!^^
Saphrax Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2005
all that work definitly deserves a :+fav:
KrystalSakura Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2005
very nice, there's so much detail.
arcobyte Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2005
I love this as much now as I did when you gave it to me on Friday.

MEL-Dungeon Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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March 23, 2005
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